Day two in London

Well, it’s officially my first full day in London. I arrived safely yesterday morning, with exception of some issues getting 100 pounds of luggage on the tube to my apartment, and then getting said luggage up four flights of stairs, everything went pretty well. Oh yeah, and somehow managing to break my phone although I’m still not even sure what happened to it. I’m in denial right now though and hid it in the back of my closet so I don’t have to think about having to buy a new one.

No pictures yet though because my computer Is also being stupid and won’t connect to wifi.   The part of London that we’re staying in is very high class, and everyone has all these amazing outfits. Seriously, my nice clothes in the US look like total trash here. As far as girls who wear sweatpants out- that would be unheard of here.

I think I’m having some trouble getting used to everything here. Partly because of some real life issues right before leaving and then entering a totally new country. It has really been a lot to take it and I’m still kind of overwhelmed at it all. I have to keep reminding myself that I felt the same way in El Salvador at first though, and had a great time there after few days. I think I’ll feel better once I have a phone and my computer working too.

We made a trip downtown with the other students and igot out of the subway. I wasn’t positive where we were going. Lianna told me to look up and I realized I was standing next to Big Ben…. Yeah. And that was when where I am really hit me and I suddenly felt about a million times better. Seeing it was seriously a spiritual experience for me… Like, I’ve wanted to come here my entire life and it was finally happening.

We also saw Buckingham And Harrads today. Harrads was seriously overwhelming, but I definitely think I want to come back and spend just a few hours looking around.

I haven’t had much of a culinary experience so far but food is actually rather cheap and has been really really good. I’ve been eating one big meal a day (dinner) and like a granola bar… Which is really not working out… But anyway , I got this great take-out Indian food for six pounds and we got baguettes with chicken on it for literally ONE POUND. They’re only available after 6 PM though but I feel like this will become a daily occurrence.

Anyway, I’m going to relax for a bit. We’re going out for fourt of July tonight … Should be an experience in London lol


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